Progress is not standing still. Previously no one could even dream of a mobile app and, and for even the smallest operation you had to go to a branch, but now everything has become much more convenient. Even more, now you don’t even need an employee to organize any action, because many banks have introduced a chat-bot system.

Chat-bots are convenient first of all because they can do all the work 24/7 without breaks and days off. Also, even if the user needed to ask a question “at a convenient time”, he would still have to wait for an answer from the operator, which took quite a long time. Bots, on the other hand, work instantly.

Improving the customer experience

According to statistics, a person spends about 3 hours a day on social networks and messengers, and only 30 minutes on applications. That is why many large banks moved their “assistants” from the banking client to the same Telegram. This allowed them to multiply their coverage and make the process of communication more convenient, since the client can communicate with the bot “in their native language” in a place that is convenient for them.

Robotic support

According to statistics, most of the problems users have are not unique cases. Therefore, they have had ready answers and protocols for many years. Besides their “uniqueness,” such issues are often numerous and just take the line for really important and urgent problems.

Many banks have long understood this problem and now the user goes through several “steps”:

  1. Describing the question or problem in a chat with the bot.
  2. Analysis of the received answer and an attempt to solve it himself.
  3. Analysis by the bot and trying to give another way of solving the problem.
  4. If this method does not work, a real call center specialist gets involved, and in some cases, a bank employee.

All this may seem like a long process, but it would be many times worse if every case like “why doesn’t the mobile bank work without the Internet” was solved by a person and took the line.

Stability and security

The most important engine of any business is competition. And in the case of banks, such a factor may be the security of personal data and stability of work, because working with finances gives some risks.

Chat-bots in this case are much safer than humans, as they perceive commands clearly and execute them quickly. This completely eliminates human factors and allows you to conduct operations with more security.

In addition, banks do not work with all messengers, but only with those that meet the high quality of personal data security. Such is Telegram, which uses internal message encryption technologies.

Also, the artificial intelligence of the bots themselves is responsible for this indicator. Now they are smoothly learning to identify and understand the communication style of a person in order to determine fraudulent actions by specific words or mechanisms. Even humans cannot boast of this.

Sophisticated transactions with the help of bots

And most importantly, in addition to supporting users, bots have also learned to perform many operations that were previously only available with the help of bank employees. For example:

  • in a couple of clicks, you can make a money transfer right from your messenger;
  • pay for a service;
  • and even “arrange” to issue a card and contact the courier to receive it.

The latter technology has been used by Tinkoff Bank for several years.

Overall impact

It can be seen that the technology of artificial intelligence is developing most actively in the banking sector. This means that all the developments can be actively applied in the future to other areas as well.